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Established in 2006

My name is Valentina I m manager cleaning service. \

when I came to Canada I had no English, I went to study in Link class, but I had to earn it like for my expenses, I did not have good English, I was working for a company who was paying me $8.00 an hour. Loved the work, hated the pay. After a year I asked for a raise and was told by the owner that they didn’t give raises. I quit. I started cleaning a friend’s home that summer. Good news travels fast. People were interested in my services. 

The workload was too heavy for one person, so I told my friends who did not have work, i need assistants,  3 months, I found 10 people by December 2006 we cleaned 20 homes a week on average. Flawless Cleaning Services was born. We respect our customers and try to be friends with them.

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